Culinary Arts in Miami

Culinary Arts in Miami

Miami's diverse culture means diversity in food. A variety of restaurants and cooking styles draw famous chefs from around the world to this exciting area -- from Little Havana to Little Haiti and everywhere in between. The city's tourism industry is one of the foremost in the United States, making Miami an ideal city for students studying the culinary arts.

The Work

The job of chefs is the same in nearly every restaurant, regardless of location. Chefs and cooks prepare, cook, season, and arrange a variety of foods served in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and other food-serving establishments.

Chefs are responsible for creating recipes and ensuring appealing presentation, while other cooks and food preparation workers prepare individual foods for meals, with duties such as peeling vegetables and monitoring temperatures.

Most top chefs pursue formal training through culinary institutions or vocational programs in the culinary arts, culinary management, or pasty arts. Many programs include an externship or apprenticeship opportunity. Though many cooks and food preparation workers leave the industry, some may go on to cooking school to have more formal training and increased responsibility.


According to the latest numbers, chefs, cooks, and other food prepartion workers were employed in nearly 3.1 million positions in restaurants, fast food establishments, cafeterias, and in private households. About two-thirds of all chefs work for restaurants, 15% are employed in schools, universities, hospitals, and other institutional facilities, and the remainder work in grocery stores, hotels, or other venues.

Chefs and supervisors work full-time for restaurants. Nearly a third of cooks, and half of food preparation workers work part-time.

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