The 10 Hottest Careers for The Next Decade

The 10 Hottest Careers for The Next Decade

There are so many exciting directions to take your career that it can be hard to decide where to start. To help you out, we came up with this list of ten hot careers with solid job growth projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Biomedical Engineer

In this role you'll use your engineering, biology, and biomechanical expertise to develop and design biological systems including artificial organs and limbs.

Education & Training Requirements

A bachelor's degree is required for a job as a Biomedical Engineer. In addition, some research jobs also require a graduate degree. All 50 states and the District of Columbia require licensure for engineers who offer services to the public. You‚ll need a solid understanding of mathematics, biology, and design to succeed as an engineer.

Data Communications Analyst

In this role you'll evaluate networks, design communications systems, and test and analyze the resulting data.

Education & Training Requirements

Sometimes an associate's degree and related work experience is sufficient to work in this field, but often times a bachelor's degree is required. Popular majors are Information Science, Management Information Systems, and Computer Science.

Home Health Aide

In this role you'll help older adults as well as people who are disabled, cognitively impaired or fighting long-term illness. A physically demanding profession, you'll need to be comfortable working closely with people and spending many hours in their home.

Education & Training Requirements

In general, Home Health Aides are not required to have a high school diploma or college degree. Though some more high-level professionals and supervisors have training as registered nurses. Many states require the aides to have licenses and meet minimum training programs.

Occupational Therapist

In this role you'll help patients by treating them to develop and recover lost skills. By working with people who are disabled in mental and physical capacities, your job will require patience and tenacity.

Education & Training Requirements

If you want to be an Occupational Therapist, you'll need to start with a lot of education. In fact, a master's degree is required for entry into this profession. Besides having a master's degree, you should bring a solid background in chemistry, physics, health, art, social sciences and biology. Additionally, Occupational Therapists are required to pass a program administered by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education.

Financial Examiner

In this role you'll be in charge of ensuring that laws and regulations are being followed and enforced. You will also have the power and responsibility to verify and authenticate various records.

Education & Training Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a Financial Examiner you'll need to get a Bachelor's degree. Backgrounds in finance, accounting, mathematics are common.

Medical Scientist

In this role you'll research disease and work towards improving human health and wellbeing. As a biomedical researcher, you'll work with bacteria and viruses to improve treatments, diagnosis, and medicines.

Education & Training Requirements

Most Medical Scientists hold a PhD. However, because of strong competition for these jobs, many candidates hold both an M.D. and a PhD.

Physician's Assistant

In this role you'll be formerly trained to practice medicine in a supportive role to a surgeon or doctor. As support staff, you will be able to help the doctor diagnose illnesses and administer therapeutic aid.

Education & Training Requirements

Requirements vary from state to state, but many Physician's Assistants hold a bachelor‚s degree with concentrations in chemistry, biology, etc. To become a Physician's Assistant you will also need to complete a special educational program and get certified and licensed by the state in which you wish to work.

Skin Care Specialist

In this role you'll treat your patients with special treatments to their face and body to improve their appearance. As a person who makes people look and feel better, you'll serve an important role in your community.

Education & Training Requirements

Along with a high school diploma, you'll likely need additional training for this job in a public or private postsecondary vocational program. You'll also need licensure, check with your state to determine the appropriate program to pursues for this.


In this role you'll study organisms and the interrelationships between those organisms and their environment. As a researcher you'll learn about fundamental biological processes and develop answers and products to solve biologic problems.

Education & Training Requirements

If you're interested in becoming an independent researcher, you'll need to spend some time in school. In fact, most independent researcher jobs require a Ph.D. However, if you want to work in more entry-level positions, a bachelor's degree will get you into some product development and applied research jobs.

Athletic Trainer

In this role you'll work in a very hands-on capacity preventing and treating injuries of people from all walks of life. The American Medical Association recognizes Athletic Trainers as allied health professionals, and this means that you're job is to help people rehabilitate, prevent, and treat muscle and bone injuries.

Education & Training Requirements

Hit the books. You'll need at least a bachelor‚s degree for a job as an Athletic Trainer. However, many candidates also bring master's degrees and even PhD to the job.

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